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This is the place to visit if you have an interest in school education and its continuing evolution, particularly if you believe, as I do, that the people who lead our schools can have aE6CAASG7J5CAA4DZ2LCAKPAGHBCAW9SR2FCAROOY9WCAL9PL77CAHALREMCAO0QN6OCA2MXX60CAWHCX8PCASF808YCA1C4HK3CA38T0Y2CA1P6MNDCAJISRECCACBBYBVCAI2BJMICA29XPMBCAYL30PW.jpg powerful influence on the work which schools are able to do.


A Question of Influence is an exploration of the way principals are able to use strategic conversations and conversational techniques to work collaboratively with the members of their school communities.


Schools are full of people and people have a habit of

talking to one another. When this is a two way thing,

we call it conversation! This wiki explores how the deliberate use of specific conversational techniques might strengthen the power of school leaders to act as instructional leaders in their schools.


If you had to write about it on the back of an envelope you might say you were interphotoshop-envelope-logo-icon12-thumb.jpgested in investigating:

How school leaders use conversation to influence school improvement

The Have Your Say page has been set up so you can tell us your stories of leaders you have worked with, for better or for worse! Please share your thoughts and experiences.