This is a case where I can go both ways at once!
The Question of Influence
Action Research Project explores the intersection of two phenomena: the exercise of school leadership and the effects of the coaching conversation on educational practitioners. Here we stand, at the crossroads, wondering how the Power of Conversation can help to make Effective Leaders.

So what are some of the questions we might like to investigate?

Does the coaching conversation catalyse change?

Is a principal who experiences coaching more likely to understand its potential?

Do school principals spend much time in strategic conversation with members of the school community?

Is there a correlation between principals who converse strategically with staff and staff performance?

Are there differences in effectiveness between principals who are trained in coaching conversation techniques and those who are not?

How can we determine answers to some of these questions?

Investigating the research which has already been done on components of this focus will help!

What is there out there about the role of conversation in the practice of school leadership?
What is known about the effect of coaching teachers and principals on their practice?
What have people already discovered about the way different leaders communicate and how it effects the way organisations perform?