People use conversations in many ways.

They can be used to give and receive information, to communicate an attitude or an opinion, to stimulate an emotional response or just to pass the time of day!

The managed conversation occurs between people when one of those people is using the conversation deliberately and for a professional purpose. For Teaching and Learning and Literacy Coaches, the conversation is a primary tool of trade. Coaches use structured conversation to influence the thinking of teachers with whom they work, promoting reflection and analysis of student learning in relation to instruction.

The important thing about a conversation is that it is a TWO WAY communication.


What are the component skills of a managed conversation?DSC00013.JPG


In a coaching conversation, both participants are learning but while the coachee is responding for the most part, the coach is controlling the conversation and guiding it purposefully towards the AHA! moment. An AHA! moment is one of realisation or new learning and can form the basis for action and change. I wonder if that would be a useful part of an Effective Leader's repertoire?

Coaches need to be skilled in the following essential skills:
Watch some examples of coaches working with teachers.
Is there a role for principals in this kind of work? Can conversations like these be adapted for other purposes by Effective Leaders?