What is the connection between conversation and collaboration?

Frankly my dear, I dont give a damn!
Gone are the days when principals sat in their offices with the door closed, emerging now and then to make a speech or give some orders, calling in students for chastisement or teachers for carpeting! TheHillConsultancy.jpg

Modern principals run from meeting to meeting, person to person, putting out spot fires, pushing agendas, meeting targets and trying to keep everybody functioning at optimum level. Stress? They haven't got time for it!

We've come a long way from this
Staff meeting

Check out the body language. How much collaboration do we appear to have here?
Note the eyelines, the seating arrangements, the restrained finger point, the facial expressions. What do they tell you?

And doesn't it depend on which person here is the principal?

Imagine each person in turn is the leader here and see what a difference it makes to the apparent dynamic!